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Mangrove Restoration, Climate Change Initiatives, and Sustainable Community Development (Myanmar)

WDUSA will work with students and scientists, exploring new areas of research training and education on plant protection and renewable resources like the restoration of mangrove forests in coastal areas of the country.  The results of this research training and education will provide improved and sustainable living conditions for farmers and others in those communities, including jobs, improved housing and accessibility to healthy foods.  


In 2012 Worldview International Foundation began new research projects in Myanmar for restoring large losses of mangrove forests in the country, with three additional activities to create livelihood opportunities in coastal area


Mangrove 4Life: is a three year research project for restoration of mangrove in all coastal areas as a protective shield against effects of Global Warming.


 LIGHT for Life: is a community micro credit project to empower poor families with simple solar lights to be financed by savings costs of candle lights. 

Orchids for Life: is to rescue endangered wild orchids and to create livelihood opportunities in growing of endemic orchids.

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