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Y4C kicks off at The Explorers Club, NYC

Youth for Climate Change (Y4C) is off the ground! On November 9th, our club came together to pledge our commitment to stand up and fight for our future and Y4C believes that future begins with a healthy planet. We are so happy to launch our climate club for youth. Y4C is all about youth coming together to create and support projects that help fight climate change and save our PLANET.

Y4C had its first launch at the amazing Explorers Club in New York City. The Explorers Club is the coolest place of amazing artifacts and treasures. It is a place where you feel connected as human beings to land, air, water, and space. Theodore P. (Ted) Janulis the President of Explorers Club challenged us to think about the effects of global warming on our polar caps especially the continent of Antarctica. Dr. Arne Fjortoft, Win Sandar, and Win Maung of Worldview International in Myanmar joined us by Skype.

Y4C is currently a group of middle school students at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry NY. We are working with students in Myanmar and will soon have students join us from around the world. Let’s join hands and let our voice be heard. Our goal is to plant 5000 Mangrove Trees in Myanmar in 2018. Join us and together we can save our planet and ensure that the young people today will have a healthy planet tomorrow.

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