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"I am thankful to Worldview International Foundation for its long-term support to democracy and sustainable development in Burma (Myanmar).”                 -Aung San Suu Kyi; Chairperson and Secretary General of National League for Democracy

What Is Y4C?

Y4C Youth for Climate Change, (a subsidiary of Worldview, USA) is an international student membership committee that actively supports climate change projects.  Y4C is a seven-year program for students ages 10-17 in Middle or High School.  The program focuses on raising awareness and resources to support and sustain three climate change projects: Students for Solar (distributing solar lights to households and schools in rural areas of the USA and Myanmar), Mangrove Restoration: (planting Mangrove Trees to offset greenhouse gases), and Climate & Culture: A student exchange program that explores the connection between climate and culture (USA-ASIA). Y4C will bring young people together to build long term climate change projects that inspire and educate future leaders of climate change.

“Climate Change is the most important issue for our generation today.  At Y4C, we want to focus on positive solutions that gives us hope for the future.”       - Morgan Young, Creator of Y4C


 The first Y4C project will be to plant Mangrove Trees along the coastal areas of Myanmar.  The committee’s goal will be to plant 1000 trees over the first year.

8 Benefits of Mangrove Restoration:

•   Mangroves protect lives and properties from extreme weather
•   Mitigates up to five times more CO2 climate gases than rainforest trees
•   Filters and clean water in protection of coral reefs and sea grasses
•   Increases sea food stocks with up to 50%
•   Provides sanctuaries for birds and animals
•   Conserves bio-diversity with sustainable life-supporting services
•   Secures a better future for children from disadvantaged communities
•   Educate and inspire children to be actively involved in protecting the environment

Students for Solar: 

The long-term goal for this project is to provide 1000 solar lamps to rural communities in the USA and abroad.  By December of 2018, our plan is to provide 200 solar lights to Kan Su village in Myanmar. Y4C will work with children in the village, as it presents tremendous opportunities for learning beyond the daylight hours.


Y4C will work to send student groups to Paradise Farm (certified organic farm in rainforest area of Sri Lanka) on a 7-day student exchange program to study the various fundamentals of organic agriculture such as soil life, plants, composting, and more.


MEMBERSHIP: $8 Annual Membership (fee covers cost of Y4C button-membership card)

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Must be between ages of 10-17 (Middle or High School), concerned about the environment, climate change, and have a hopeful and fun outlook about the future.  Y4C members love to learn about different cultures and travel outside of their comfort zone.  A positive attitude and friendly spirit are essential requirements.  Members must have access to computer or mobile phone.  (9 year olds can volunteer and become members at age 10).

MEETINGS: Monthly twice a month in Westchester/ Manhattan/Bronx during school year and once a month during summer. Meetings will be in person and also through skype and other social media.

EVENTS:  Y4C will host small events throughout the year and one major event to raise awareness and resources to support the committee’s climate change projects.

GOALS: Through the voice and actions of students, Y4C will raise awareness of the challenges and possibilities of climate change by planting 1000 Mangrove trees annually in Myanmar, providing solar lights to families with children in Myanmar, and create a Cultural Exchange program directly with schools & and universities in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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