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Join our global village in support of a better future.  From creating Healthy Food Projects in low-income areas of the USA, to Research and Agricultural Development projects abroad, your contribution makes it possible for us to execute global sustainable development projects in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and locally in New York City.  

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  Member   $100

As a token of our gratitude, we offer you samples of SRINA organic tea basket handpicked by small scale farmers living in Sri Lanka in return for your donation.  Srina organic tea was donated to WDUSA by MPGlobal Connect Inc., the maker of Srina organic tea and other healthy products. The estimated value of your Srina tea basket in return for your donation is $15.  As a member you will also receive the Worldview Development USA bi-monthly newsletter with updates on the progress of our sustainable development projects and articles written by leading experts in the field of sustainable agricultural development and poverty reduction. 

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