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Mission Statement: We Can Light the World
  • Enriching the lives of poor rural communities in Myanmar through portable and afforadable solar energy.

  • Giving students worldwide the opportunity to communicate through social media and to become an integral part of modernizing rural villages and opening doors to education by the simple act of providing lighting.

  • Our goal is to create micro credit type opportunities for deprived communities, beginning in Myanmar.  


With the support of donors, we strive to make this mission a reality.

The Problem

Myanmar is the poorest country in the ASEAN region.  The majority live in absolute poverty.  They are faced with an enormous challenge. With little development over the past few decades, Myanmar is far from meeting the basic needs of its people. The leadership of the Country recognizes the necessity to leapfrog into the future through simple game changing technologies that will meet the most basic needs of its people.  Today, only 25% of the population in the country has access to electricity. There is an estimated gap of over 8 million rural households without electricity for lights and other basic electrical uses. Access to electricity is also an important element in bringing communication to the rural areas, especially in empowering the impoverished and in providing additional educational facilities to the children.


The introduction of decentralized solar energy units to individual households will solve many problems without having to invest in costly and time-consuming construction of national grids. Moreover, development of simple inexpensive solar lights are very cost-effective compared to any other source of conventional energy.


 With introduction of democracy, the people have high expectations for the future. The fragile process of change depends on rapid development progress. It is therefore essential to assist the people with tangible support on an urgent basis.

The Solution

Our aim is to provide solar lights to 5 million households by Summer of 2014. Among the most to benefit are the children, as it presents tremendous opportunities for learning well beyond the daylight hours.  The cost is affordable if organized in a simple village committee micro credit scale, as proven in Worldview’s pilot project in Too Chang village.
In cooperation with Worldview Myanmar, Worldview International has been invited by the Department of Rural Development, and the Ministry of Border Affairs to introduce a project which can provide rapid expansion by providing solar lights to 75% of the population living in areas without any form of electricity. This will contribute towards the fulfillment of the President’s policy regarding rural development and poverty alleviation. Taking into account the basic needs of a rural household, one unit with one or two lights and a mobile phone charger will make a radical difference in people’s lives. For the first time reliable lights with very little cost is a possibility. Solar energy technology, and especially battery technology, has become simpler and less costly. The introduction of “LED” lights has dramatically reduced the need for energy from 20-30 w, to around 3 to 4 w per light. It is time to make this technology available by low cost community based micro credit.
Sustainable project development allows this new technology to empower individual households. It gives each one the ability to act as its own energy company, without the need of an expensive centralized grid.  This advancement, called decentralized energy production will allow rural villages access to the same energy and lighting available only in the major cities.

The Pilot Project

A brief evaluation during an 8 month period of the pilot project conducted in 2012 confirmed higher than expected impact with substantial social and economic gains for the 35 families and their children. The simple solar lamps turned out to be a revolution in their lives. Free energy from the sun made it possible to work after dark and earn more income by producing sellable items for the local market. The most positive impact were the children’s ability to study after dark. The schools recognized vast improvement in performance from children with homes containing solar lights.

Students for Students

Open worldwide communication through social media and creates awareness and hope. Students will observe each others culture, needs and accomplishemnts. For it is today’s students that well become tomorrow’s leaders.

Technology Description

KMS KM78 portable model

4.8 Watt, 55 LED good for 8x8 room

6 hour charge - 4 hours full light with adjustable strength/ longer duration

Donate Page

With support from donors like you, Students for Solar provides solar lights to rural, impoverished areas allowing them to bring light into their life. Select from one of the following Giving levels on the left and insert the amount you wish to donate. click the Donate button below:

$10 monthly – Contribution of $10 per month will match the cost of the lamp in 3 months. Within a year, the donor has empowered 4 families to change their lives. In operating a micro credit program with the average repayment of one year, the donor contribution of $10 per month during a year will in 4 years empower 16 families to benefit from the solar revolution and provide free energy/solar lights for many years to come. Your contribution to 16 families will improve lives of 80 people.

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$100 one time payment – Immediately provides 4 families with solar lamps.

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Other amounts

"Join me in empowering students to make a difference at home and around the world.”


Anthony Koka
Co-Director, Students for Solar, Worldview Development USA


Sustainable Support

As a donor of the Worldview USA Student Solar project you are a member of our Global Youth Village, which entitles you to receive our bi-monthly newsletter updating you on development and progress in Myanmar; in addition to information on our international student exchange program beginning in June 2014.
You will be named as a participant for the Day of Light in Myanmar.

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